Gorgeous Gold™

What's in this Mix?

Bidy Gonales Big

Great Balls of Fire White

Potunia® Plus Yellow

XXL Durango Dahlia
full-sun  well-drained-soil
Available In:
Individual Components in Quarts
XXL Dahlias in Gallons
Decorative Containers
(selections may vary at garden centers)
Full Sun

Fertlize Regularly

Moderate Water Needs
Annual: Blooms Spring-Summer

18–24" w x 18–24" h; Upright
Know How! from the experts at HGTV

HUGE FLOWERS • A pop of color gives your home curb appeal.

Direct overhead watering can damage blooms; water from underneath the foliage instead.
Our color groups make planning easy: whether you like tone on tone or bold contrast, use complementary companion plants to add visual oomph.
• Plants need vitamins too. Fertilize regularly with a well-balanced formula.

Design Tips for Using in Your Garden

Gorgeous Gold is a bright and sunny mixture of flowering plants perfect for decorative container plantings around your front door, patio, porch and steps. Plant this flower blend in decorative containers of varying sizes, then cluster the containers anywhere you want to add color and curb appeal.

If using this mix in decorative containers, consider the container color. Select containers which complement your home and are complementary to the plants as well. Green, black, or white containers would be a great contrast to these flower colors, but complementary to any black or white elements of your home.

This mix is also suitable for the front border of a garden bed. Three or more containers of this mix would be ideal, and most pleasing to the eye.

  1. Water before planting
  2. Dig hole 3X the width of pot
  3. Backfill and plant 1”-2” above soil level
  4. Water and add more soil if needed
  5. Mulch plants